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You are an expert of finance solutions based in Europe, and you want to expand your offer with recognized tools. You seek a win-win partnership based on fair, proximity and rapid ROI. We look forward to meeting you !

Why becoming an Amelkis Partner ?


Since 2004, Amelkis is one of the French leaders among financial software publishers : consolidation, reporting, business plan, IFRS 16, XBRL and soon… Disclosure Management !


We count about 2500 users over the world of our consolidation tool Opera, and about 1000 groups use one of our solutions.

Assistance and mentoring

 Training, assistance and follow-up are managed by our specialists team. We will always listen to you and help integrate our tools for your customers and their specific needs.

Quick start

A wide range of solutions will help you to boost your business in the first half of the year.

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Solutions You've
Never Worked Before

  • IFRS 16  by Amelkis Lease :
    You will be able to create or import your contracts, visualize financial impacts graphically, manage your events, generate your entries ...

  • ESEF by  Amelkis XBRL :
    Amelkis XBRL allows you to import your PDF registration document, convert it to HTML without losing graphic quality, tag your financial statements and generate your iXBLR files.

  • Consolidation by Amelkis Opera :
    Whatever their size, groups and chartered accounting firms consider that Opera is the most efficient solution on the market.


"For the conversion of our Universal Registration Document to iXBRL format, our choice fell on the Amelkis XBRL solution. "

Consolidation, FNAC DARTY